⭐️Respect your senior dog

At times I get a question from people inquiring for a puppy:

Can I bring my current dog to meet a puppy before I commit to the puppy?

(The below applies to all adult dogs and especially to seniors)

I don’t usually recommend having the first interaction between the puppy and the senior dog outside of the older dog’s home.

When your dog is home it feels comfortable and is familiar with the place enough to know where to escape to relax and sleep, if needed, from the active and curious puppy. Even if your dog is outgoing and friendly, always keep this in mind. 

In a new environment, older dogs may get a bit stressed or worried, and due to lack of comfort may snip on an annoying puppy or simply not have a smooth and enjoyable first interaction that will lead the elder to connect the puppy to uncomfortable situations.

Note: when you bring a senior dog to the breeder’s place, there’s not only the puppy, but also new people, various other dog/food scents, new set up, etc. 

Don’t set your elder up for failure.

I strongly suggest to anyone introducing a new pup, to do it at home of the older dog and monitor their interactions at least for the first month allowing everyone to adjust to one another at their own pace.  


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