Month: May 2023

⭐️Where did all the good breeders go?

️ Someone recently asked me: “Why there is such a little number of chihuahua breeders?” And it’s a good question….There are many producers, but there aren’t many reputable ethical preservation breeders in Canada. A breeding program is very time and effort-consuming, as well as requiring ongoing sizeable investments into the program in order to maintain …

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⭐️I Do Not Want A Winter Puppy

“We decided to wait until Spring to get a puppy” – a common response many breeders receive, luckily, I haven’t had it much myself thanks to the families who we build relationship with before they adopt an Applegarden puppy.  1 – But let’s look at “winter puppies” from breeders’ perspective…Many breeders, including myself, will have …

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