⭐️ Breeder Red Flags for puppy buyers

In one of the Wednesday Weekly Quizzes on Instagram I had a question about the Breeder Red Flags and it was quite interesting to see responses and feedback from people following this question. Therefore, I decided to make a post out of it with explanation to the provided choices. ⠀

Question: Which of the following is a Red Flag for a puppy buyer?

(A) Parents have NO health testing. – CORRECT. Each breed has known genetic issues that are normally bred out by preservation and responsible breeders. Some testing can be done only after 2 years of age, therefore a breeder would keep a potential breeding dog for 2 years. If the tests are not passed the dog is sent to a companion only home. An irresponsible breeder will avoid doing tests in order to quickly breed and sell the puppies. Usually, NO selection work is done for genetic issues nor temperament. ⠀

(B) Buyers can’t come to a breeder’s home – INCORRECT. I was a big believer that a buyer should see the living environment of the puppies and parents. But due to recent cases of puppies/parents stealing after a “puppy visit” by “potential buyers” it is dangerous to provide an address to everyone interested. Therefore, many breeders allow visits to deposit holders. Also, many post photos and videos of the puppies regularly. Another reason – potential infections can be brought by visitors. Puppies are highly susceptible, especially when they do not yet have vaccinations and with chihuahuas those are done a little later compared to larger breeds.⠀

(C) Has many 4-8 months old puppies that are not yet sold. – INCORRECT. Every litter is bred for a purpose to improve the breeding program of a particular breeder and the breed as a whole. Sire and Dam are thoughtfully selected. Therefore, each breeder hopes to keep some puppies from the litter for the breeding program. However, there are multiple growing stages and even if a puppy looks promising at 8 weeks, it may change when pup is older. It is not always a major issue, it may simply lack a tooth. Or a breeder kept couple perspective puppies from a litter but eventually keeps one for the program and the others will be placed to companion only or show homes. Therefore, when you see a breeder having older puppies it means they are doing selection work and are evaluating puppies to maintain sound dogs with good temperament, health and breed characteristics.⠀


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