⭐️ Deerhead or Applehead Chihuahua

⠀⠀⠀ “What do you all think? Deer head or Apple head?” ⠀⠀

It’s one of the most common discussion questions in any chihuahua owners’ group. While we have an exact definition of the look of an “apple head” in the breed standard, what is “deer head”?⠀⠀

Well, it’s up to individual interpretation. Some may think it’s muzzle longer than the skull, others that it’s about flat skull, or the almond shaped eyes like of a deer. The term is NOT defined by any reputable Chihuahua Clubs nor a breed standard of any reputable National Kennel Clubs. From my observation, “deer head” is usually referred to a simpler head with less distinct dome, smaller or narrower skull, without a 90 degrees stop angle and longer than desired muzzle. But it’s still the same chihuahua.⠀⠀

A dog with a simpler head at breeder’s kennel might have a well-structured body, good temperament, and a breeder would then breed that dog to a dog with more defined head to bring back and preserve that iconic feature of a chihuahua.⠀

⠀ In early 20th century, chihuahua fanciers called slender dogs with long limbs and neck as Deer Type chis, and stocky dogs with more substance as Coby Type. That’s where probably the “deer” word came from. But it was NEVER about the head, the head was always “dome shaped with moderately short muzzle”.⠀ Those types aren’t used since late 20th century, most are now coby or something in between. It allows the breed to not be fragile and perform any activities with its family 😊⠀⠀

“Deer head” word is much avoided by reputable and ethical chihuahua breeders, not because we are snobs and just don’t want to, but because like “teacup” it has NO definition and not present in the breed description/standard. Everyone visualizes it differently and everyone is right, because there’s no worldwide recognized and approved definition of the term.⠀

⠀ If you like the look of chihuahuas with simpler heads, flat skull and longer muzzle look into the following breeds, perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of them 😉: Min Pin, Toy Fox Terrier, Toy Manchester Terrier, Coated or Hairless Chinese Crested, Papillon.


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