⭐️ I don’t need a show dog, I just want a pet…

Answer these questions:

Do you want a well socialized dog?

Do you want a physically healthy dog?

Do you want a mentally healthy dog?

Do you want a dog with good temperament?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you want a show quality dog!⠀

To start, dog shows are not the same things as beauty pageants, they were created to evaluate QUALITY of the breeding stock. At a show, a judge compares dogs NOT to each other, but to their individual breed standards that describe structural, behavioral and working traits required by each breed. (Read my post about Breed Standard to learn more).⠀⠀

”Show quality” means that the dog is in good health and is well structured. It has good disposition and is overall a great representative of its breed. You can’t achieve anything with an extremely shy, shaking, limping or an aggressive dog that is in pain or scared. No one will want such dog in its pedigree. It does no good to the breed in the long run. And every show breeder wants to bring the best in its dogs and it’s line.⠀

“Pet quality” usually means there are some minor faults like an underbite, drop ears or just something a breeder can’t use in a program. Can be small and have no effect on dog’s quality of life in any way. It’s just something a breeder decided not to maintain in the program.⠀⠀

But a breeder who ONLY breeds pet quality and doesn’t participate in any dog sport (Conformation or Performance), usually does not pay attention to the important aspects needed for breeding a strong healthy active dog. Deformities in body structure (that prevent a dog to move freely and eventually causes joint issues), temperament (too shy or too aggressive), genetic health diseases, etc. Several generations of “pet only breeding” without a goal of improving will multiply and embed all those issues the “pet breeder” decided not to concentrate on and skip. Sadly, there’s a big chance the pups have some form of physical or even mental restrictions that are not visible at 8 weeks old but will progress with age.⠀ ⠀

I recommend looking into a good (show) quality dog, as it means it’s a sound dog that can participate in any family activities, and into a show breeder working to bring to this world the most loving and healthy puppies that look and behave like its breed is supposed to. Even if you need just a companion, make sure the breeder is aiming towards bettering the breed and improving the current program.

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