⭐️What do you need to know about Preservation Breeders? And why are they your friends?

⠀In an earlier post I explained why a Standard is important for breed history preservation. Let’s now consider what benefits do you, as a buyer, get with a puppy that is coming from a Preservation Breeder (PB).⠀

PBs are concentrating on improving the overall health, temperament and body structure of their breed and in particular the lines they are working with. With each litter they are hoping to create that perfect example of the breed that will vastly contribute to the breed. It includes improvement of conformation, or temperament or working ability or all at once. While there are some nice dogs in each breed, sadly not many are passing their greatest qualities to the next generation. And those that do are highly valuable members of the breed’s future.⠀

Even though PB anticipate their next breed idol with every litter, all of us know that it’s not the reality. Some lines just don’t match, some dogs don’t produce well or don’t pass the qualities. Usually, there are only a couple pups from the litter that may be added to the breeding program and further contribute to the breed. These puppies will be accurately selected from young age by temperament and conformation and further evaluated as they mature. Each dog of the PB program complete breed specific tests before it is bred or offered for stud to other breeders. In chihuahuas it’s test for patella, heart and eyes and completed by a specializing veterinarian. This is how each PB works towards eliminating any breed specific issues from the line (health or structural) and ensures that unwanted qualities/issues don’t pass to the puppies. ⠀

Preservation breeders enter future breeding program members into dog shows and work towards completing a championship title. This is a confirmation that the dog they chose to add to the program worth it. Judges at the dog shows choose the dog that is the closest to the standard and that’s who gets the Best Of Breed (BOB) ribbon.

And to receive a title a dog must collect a number of points determined by the number of dogs in the ring; therefore, there are several show a dog will need to attend to get a title. And a breeder will receive several opinions from different judges as well as be able to compare the dog to other dogs in the ring.

PB are working on improving the breed and maintain the history, that is why they are willing to travel to the right stud dog, to all the shows, do the tests, and precisely evaluate qualities to improve in the program for the next generation. This is what was done by amazing breeders of the past and what is continued by modern days preservation breeders. And everything is done so we all can find a dog that is suitable for our lifestyle with predictable size, temperament, health and that we spend the best years with a best friend by our side.


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