⭐️Where did all the good breeders go?

️ Someone recently asked me: “Why there is such a little number of chihuahua breeders?”

And it’s a good question….There are many producers, but there aren’t many reputable ethical preservation breeders in Canada. A breeding program is very time and effort-consuming, as well as requiring ongoing sizeable investments into the program in order to maintain it the right and ethical way. The hours spent on research to ensure one has an understanding of the genetics and information behind their lines, training and socialization of each individual dog, quality food/toys/bedding/treats/grooming and training equipment, time dedicated to trials and shows, breeding, whelping, and puppy-raising-related supplies.

The Chihuahua breed doesn’t make it easier either; we are lucky to get 3-4 pups, and even if all are sold, it usually doesn’t cover all the expenses. Most preservation breeders will keep a puppy or two from the thoroughly planned breeding to move forward and maintain the program with pure dedication to this historic and wonderful little breed.

All breedings are planned generations in advance and done with a purpose. The goal  is to make a difference and help preserve the breed for future generations in the best state/health/structure possible. Otherwise, without such breeders, the producers will keep producing unhealthy specimens calling them Chihuahuas, and the next generations will never meet the true, sturdy, mentally and physically stable little dog breed we all love.

THANK YOU to those breeders who breed right and those owners who support such breeding practice by getting their dog from the ethical preservation breeder who breeds with purpose!  All of you – owners and breeders – are true ambassadors of your breeds!


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