⭐️Why buying a dog from a responsible preservation breeder is as important as adopting from a shelter?

⠀To start, you adopt in both cases and you shop in both cases. No one takes the first available dog from a shelter, you choose a dog and pay a fee for it = shopping. You select an appropriate size and temperament in both cases and you take a dog home to care for and love in both cases. ⠀

Just like getting a dog from a shelter, it is not easy to get a dog from a Preservation Breeder (PB). You should complete several forms and go through interview to be approved.

Thus, many people search online for an easier way to buy a puppy, where no information is asked. Sadly, no one tells them the issues present in the sire’s or dam’s lines (health, behavioural), and they are not aware of potential expenses that might be involved in case any issues are present in the pup. These sellers don’t want to deal with a pup after it left their door. Mainly, these are the dogs that then end up in shelters – because the family has no funds to cover the large vet bill, can’t deal with aggression/behaviour issue or simply moving away and can’t take the dog. For the above reasons PBs have written in a contract that if an owner can’t keep a dog, it MUST come back to the breeder, unless otherwise discussed. ⠀

Preservation breeders work on maintaining the purpose and look that founders of each breed intended. They maintain the history of their chosen breed. When you buy a puppy from PB you donate to the development of that person’s kennel, support the work the person is doing and the history the breed is carrying. The fee you provide goes back to dogs – into further health tests, food, medical expenses, extra bedding, shows, etc – everything to make the next generation better.⠀

When buying a dog from a shelter (especially with an euthanasia policy) you are saving a life that suffered enough and give it a forever loving home. The fee you pay also goes to support the shelter’s food supplies, medical expenses, and to employees wages. Rescues, shelters, humane societies are helping dogs that were found, surrendered or saved. They help the dogs that were created by irresponsible people, that wouldn’t take any responsibility for the puppy they brought to this world. Non-kill shelters are saving lives. But sadly, when one is adopted, the place is quickly filled by another dog from a similar situation.

PB and Shelters stay behind their dogs, you can always come back with any questions and you will be given support and advice. Both are working to promote responsible ownership. In my opinion, Shelters and PBs should WORK TOGETHER to stop the accidental breedings of uneducated people or people mating dogs only for the money avoiding all possible expenses, including medical (aka backyard breeders).

Side Note: I personally don’t like using the word “Breeders” to people who mate anything together and avoid any breeding ethics just to sell and make money off of a trendy mix or breed. They are not breeders, they are simply people who decided that its how they can earn extra cash (luckily many quit quickly as they find out how expensive it is and how mentally and physically demanding it is, especially in the smaller breeds).

Many PB support local shelters and breed rescues. Sadly, many shelters are very against PBs and advertise public to avoid breeders, whereas they should consider educating the public and explaining the difference between a PBs and a person who mates for profit only.


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