⭐️Why you should reconsider a Teacup…⠀

First of all let’s clarify, there’s NO such thing as teacup chihuahua since the breed doesn’t separate into toy/mini/standard like poodles, for example. Chihuahuas can be on a smaller scale or on the larger scale but it’s still one breed. The term usually used by irresponsible breeders, simply and only as a marketing term to get buyers to pay more. Funny fact, someone once asked for a teacup chi, I assumed it’s less than 2lb, but the person explained he wanted around 10lb (clearly not something that would fit into a tea cup, if that’s the reference for the “term”). No responsible breeder breeds for tiny chi, even though there’s a demand, it is not worth breeding unhealthy tiny dogs that cannot live a happy and healthy live and in most cases need help in thriving right from birth to its last days. They do happen in litters of health tested, good representatives of the breed, but it is not at all desirable by anyone who cares about the future of the breed.⠀

Some facts about extremely small chihuahuas: ⠀

🔸more likely to have health problems, therefore vet visits will be regular and bills not so small⠀

🔸a heart might not work correctly ⠀

🔸a brain might be filled with fluid (hydrocephalus) ⠀

🔸dysfunction of liver or/and other internal organs⠀

🔸may develop seizures ⠀

🔸higher risks of hypoglycaemia and dehydration ⠀

🔸may require daily medications depending on conditions⠀

🔸pretty fragile, you won’t be able to take it on a hiking trip or to a friends house with kids or people that don’t know how to interact with the tiny dog⠀

🔸may require a costly and urgent procedures (might be well above $5000, depending on a vet and condition)⠀

🔸needs to be CONSTANTLY monitored and not left alone. Owners that are working from home are ideal for tinies.

⠀To conclude, consider adding a regularly sized chihuahua to your family – around 4lb – 6lb – to enjoy time with your furry friend to the fullest. For example, Lily is 4.5 lb, Martini is 5lb, Quito and Harley are 6lb, . These are the most common sizes and are still the smallest among the large variety of dog breeds.⠀


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