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⭐️Why you shouldn’t take a puppy away from mom until at least 9 weeks old?

I’m following a couple of chihuahua groups on Facebook and regularly see people post that they picked up a puppy at 7 weeks and some mention that the puppy was given vaccine at 6 weeks. Every time this gives me goosebumps. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed and it makes their puppies the smallest of all. …

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⭐️ Deerhead or Applehead Chihuahua

⠀⠀⠀ “What do you all think? Deer head or Apple head?” ⠀⠀ It’s one of the most common discussion questions in any chihuahua owners’ group. While we have an exact definition of the look of an “apple head” in the breed standard, what is “deer head”?⠀⠀ Well, it’s up to individual interpretation. Some may think …

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⭐️Checklist: Chihuahua Grooming Supplies

I have a separate tack box for all my dog grooming supplies most of which are for show prep. However, there are some basic grooming tools every Chihuahua owner should have. Chihuahuas are a “minimal grooming breed”; therefore, there are not much to groom other than maintaining a sanitary trim. It includes trimming nails, feet …

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⭐️Checklist: Preparing for a new puppy

Congratulations! It is always very exciting to have a new furry addition to your family. As a responsible owner you try to get everything ready in time and organize your schedule accordingly to welcome the puppy. It may feel overwhelming to think of all the items you must not forget to purchase before the puppy …

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